"JaGuar" Ltd. was founded in 2002. The main activity of the company is the import of the PVC and Aluminum profile processing high- tech machines , their export and supplying the Bulgarian market. The warranty period of two years of the Yilmaz machines not only garantee our partnership to you- our customer- but also garantee the after- sales service for seven years . According to "Yilmaz" if their machines are used properly and according to instructions, they will serve you 20-25 years. Also our engineers are trained in the factory of the "Yilmaz machines" by their specialists to be with you - our customers- any time you need us as a service or informative support . We garantee you- maintenance within 24 hours when the machines are under warranty. Regular contacts are maintained with the manufacturing company, exchange of expertise and specializations. The experience we have is the result of the continuous training and ongoing support from our partners. Also since 2009 our company is the official distributor of Gocmaksan- the biggiest producer of construction steel cutting and bending machines in Turkey .

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