SDT 275 - Profile - Pipe Cutting Machine
•  Opportunity of choosing circuit according to the material by double circuit motor
•  Emergency stop button
•  Motor circuit for motor- and pump protecting
•  Cooling of saw and removal of shavings from the cutting; surface by means of cooling water engine and recycle system inside cabinet
•  Pressing the material from the closest distance to the blade by regulatable moving vice jaw
•  Moving blade protecting cover

•  Supporfing system which obtain standart cutting at the measure that wanted after the fîrst adjustment                   
•  Possibility of cutting with 45° degree to right and left sides
•  Moving arm system witch works with low voltage 24V 
400V 50/60Hz 1,8kW AC 3P PE D:275x2 d:32 96x111x144 258 kg 205 kg

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