SC 550 P - Large Capacity Mitre Saw
•Two hand safety operation
•Internal cutting angle 22.5°, external cutting angle 22.5°
•Hydro pneumatic blade feed for smooth cutting (fully adjustable)
•Easy set angle @ 90 degree (without adjustment)
•Angle tilt at the push of a button
•Ideal for large and massive profile
•2 x Horizontal pneumatic clamps
•Automatic vertical clamping bar
•Automatic safety guard
•Air dust gun included
•Spray mist blade lubricator
•High quality blade included (550 mm)
•3m Roller support table included (MKN 300)
2.2 kW 50-60 Hz 400 V AC 3P PE 3000 RPM D: 550 mm d: 30 mm 24 L/min 6/8 bar W: 970 mm L: 1500 mm H: 1430mm 490 kg 430 kg

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