DC 421 PB - Precision Double Mitre Saw (Automatic – Barcode System)
•Two hand safety operation
•Hydro pneumatic blade feed for smooth cutting (fully adjustable)
•4 x Horizontal pneumatic clamps
•Roller support table & automatic profile support
•Automatic safety guards
•Motorised mobile cutting head
•Accurate to +/- 0.2mm
•Programmable, up to 65.536 cutting operations
•Automatic angle tilting @ 90° and 45°
•Automatic feed and cut auto mode @ 90°
•Windows® touch screen controller
•Import “.MDB” cut lists from external software or USB
•Automatic mode sets angles and length from cut list, no operator input required
•Remote access via Internet
•Barcode with image print
•Air dust gun
•2 x High quality blades included (420 mm)
•Spray mist blade lubricator with on/off switch (Optional)
•2 x Automatic vertical clamps (optional)
2.2 KWx2 50/60 Hz 400V AC 3P N PE 3000 D/dak RPM D: 420 d: 30/32mm. 45 Lt/dak. 6/8 Bar 116x 501x 170cm 1346 kg. 1086 kg.

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