DC 421 M - Precision Double Mitre Saw (Manual)
•Two hand safety operation
•4 x Horizontal pneumatic clamps
•Hydro pneumatic blade feed for smooth cutting (fully adjustable)
•Digital length display with accuracy of +/-0.2mm
•Roller support table & intermediate profile support (manual)
•Automatic safety guards
•Angles set via graduated scale
•Air dust gun included
•2 x High quality blades included (420 mm)
•Spray mist blade lubricator with on/off switch (optional)
•2 x Automatic vertical clamps (optional)
2.2 kw x 2 50-60 Hz 400 V AC 3P N PE 3000 rpm D: 420 mm d: 30-32 mm 112 x 468 x 182 cm 840 kg 1090 kg

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